Top 5 reasons to adopt cloud strategy

You have developed innovative products for Client/Server or Platform Specific. Still not moved to cloud ? There are very high chances that you are already silo’ed in the market out or your product is still  going strong with existing market. Must you can find the top 5 reasons why your product development must adopt cloud strategy.

1. Product to suit ubiquitous computing

The product development can be made to suit different devices and still can tap wide market. Makes selling easier.

2. Quicker upgrades to product

Same set of features available to all the customer on single deployment. Means less support headaches.

3. Staying ahead with technology

Since the product is on cloud, you are forced to stay ahead or in alignment with technology. Less technical debt.

4. Scale as your customers grow

No upfront investments. Scale the product and its capability as your grow. Growth at will. Dev ops will help.

5. Make money based on want and needs

Modular your product and deploy in cloud. Give what the customers want not what you have. More ways to make money.


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