When Continous integeration is most needed?

Do we need to adopt continuous integration everywhere when we do development ? or Where its most applicable? This post is an attempt to find a answer to that question.

According to ThoughtWorks “Continuous integration is a development practice that helps developers to adopt several check-ins to the code they have developed multiple times in a day”. 3 important benefits stated for Continuous integration:

  1. Help detect defects and  remove them early
  2. Avoid last minutes integration failures
  3. Eliminate waiting time to check if your code will work post-integration without any problems

Now coming back to the question, following could be the reasons:

  1. Whenever you are into agile projects features has to be delivered at ease and fast.
  2. When there are distributed teams involved in development
  3. Multiple components are to be integrated to  a single product or solution
  4. Whenever there is need to build the entire source whenever someone check-in the code
  5. Provides transparency across developers on the build process and its outcomes. Helps to improve the overall ability to fix issues as it occurs.

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