Introduction to Microservices

“Microservices” is basically an architectural style to develop a single application having small services which can communicate using Lightweight mechanism such as HTTP resource API. This would be most suitable when you have multiple interfaces which you would like to consume in the end-user scenario. Probably this post would be a summary of the Keynote from Martin Fowler.

Also microservices are nothing but a meaningful subset of SOA. so it can never by considered as an alternative or to replace SOA.


Why Microservice?

  • Monolithic puts all functionality under one application process where in Microservice puts features/services into a separate servics.
  • During the deployment to a distributed environment monolithic service has similar replica of its services where in Microservices  can be deployed based on the need basis.

Common characteristics outlined in his talk are:

  1. Componentization via services
  2. Organized around business capabilities
  3. Products not projects
  4. Smart end points and dumb pipes
  5. Decentralized Governance
  6. Decentralized Data management
  7. Infrastructure Automation
  8. Design for failure
  9. Evolutionary design

Few important takeaways according to me:

  1. Componentization via Services: The componentization during development should be in such a way that it is independently replaceable and upgradable. Microservices uses the library and services can be built as components.
  2. Organized around business capabilities: Whenever the applications are built generally the teams are divided as UI, Middleware and DBAs. Instead the team should be organized around the communication channel in the business according to Conway’s law. These microservices dev teams are cross functional teams which has an broad spectrum resources with UX, Persistent Storage and project management knowledge. This helps align quicker to understand the business context in faster ways

We will discuss more on the other takeaways in the upcoming post.


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