Goshree_bridge_kochiBridges has a got significance in our lives:

  • It connect two cities or locations
  • It handles multiple transport (Two Wheeler, Four Wheeler, Pedestrians)
  • It helps crosses hurdles such as water, traffic, sea, hills, etc.,

Who would not have crossed bridges in their lifetime. Bridges in fact saves lot of time when you you build, consume it right!!

In the future there could be various devices need to talk to each other in different protocols using approaches like OPC, STOMP,, MQTT, etc., At that juncture bridging will be very much essential to succeed in IOT Projects

What is Bridging with respect to IoT?

My own definition of Bridging means “connecting interfaces of two brokers to communicate with each other seamlessly”.

When bridging is  required?

One broker has special capabilities than the other. Broker A might be very good at handling Text based protocols and Broker B may be very good with Pub/Sub mechanism and very light weight. These brokers A and B might be required to give a optimal solution. These kind of scenarios demand Bridging.

Real-time use cases could be:

  • Devices may be using some data formats and protocols due to connectivity constraints such as latency. We can use bridge to use the transfer data to anther broker which can handle or convert to another data format.
  • To aggregate data to one central location
  • To create restrain for the client directly not connect to the Broker for security reasons.

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