Installing Apache Nifi Step by Step in Windows

Recently have been working with Apache Nifi for one my IoT Project. I would like to write a post on how to Install Apache Nifi in Windows 7.


  1. Java Installation
  2. Environment variable JAVA_HOME

Step 1: Download Apache Nifi 1.0 from here.

Step 2: Download the zip file the mirror site as recommended. It would be around 740 MB patiently download it.

Step 3: Extract the folder and I moved nifi-1.0.0 to a root drive for each of access through windows command console.

Step 4: Now go to the command prompt and navigate to the nifi-1.0.0 directory

Step 5: Navigate to the bin directory

Step 6: You will find run run-nifi.bat, execute run-nifi

Step 7: You will see something like the below:

Step 8: Now open your favourite browser and type localhost:9090, I have changed the port from 8080 to 9090 in file. If you want, you can change that as well.

Step 9: Now you can access to the menu to get to know the version of you are running on

Step 10: Happy data flows with Apache Nifi!!!