Getting started with Polymer

In my interest to understand the material design concepts I was trying to put my hands on to it and working with it. Here are my initial challenges in doing so also this post would be useful for beginners and Web designers to understand the skills required.

Best way to get started is to have to go through the youtube videos available on search on the youtube for Google I/O 2014 material design or Google Design channel.  You will be able to get very intriguing insights on why we should adopt such material design concepts.

When I try to work on it I want to hit the ground very fast I was following Polymer Getting started guide . You need to heavily depend upon two things for get things going one is nodejs and another is git.

It uses packages like Bower, Gulp, etc., for you to use the Polymer start kit which will help you start with an App with ease. Make sure you know how to setup environment variables and stuff like that. If you have sublime editor to edit the files its easy you can get the app going within an hour without much hassles.

My quick result on localhost with gulp serve:

Material Design Approach

Give a try and give your feedback. 🙂